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Service Desk Management Solutions

Numara Software Inc. is a global provider of service desk management solutions for organisations who need to simplify and gain control over their increasingly complex environments. Numara Track-It! and Numara Footprints, offer the powerful support tools for anyone in IT and a range of service management solutions to consolidate service delivery.

Practical and Flexible IT Service Management for the Real World


The World?s Most Widely Installed Help Desk and Asset Management Solution

Numara FootPrints Service Management


Numara FootPrints is the service management solution to keep your organisation in step with the changing demands of your internal and external customers, as well as the demands of the company executive.

The need to adapt service delivery channels in order to achieve operational advantage, compliance, support customers and retain staff is all part of being a successful organisation.

Numara FootPrints not only delivers a powerful and adaptive platform for service management, but also a portfolio of pre-constructed applications such as ITIL service desk or customer service, allowing you to dramatically reduce implementation time. Furthermore, our solutions have service design wizards embedded in the core application allowing you to build or tailor your own workflows quickly and with limited need for costly professional services engagement.

Too often organisations struggle to change to pressures placed upon them; whether technical capability or simply time and bandwidth issues. Sometimes these are governance or compliance related issues or simply a shift in market forces. How your service management capability is aligned to your business needs and pressures ultimately dictates how adaptive your organisation is.

Consolidated Service Desk
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Numara Software realise the requirement for service management solutions to be Needs-Adaptive. The platform of Numara FootPrints provides the basis for building a service management solution to support one or many different service desks; from IT service management to Field Service from managing staff welfare to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Numara Track-It! Help Desk Solutions


Numara Track-It! is trusted by Over 50,000 customers worldwide and is the most widely installed helpdesk software and asset management solution in the world. Thanks to its professional helpdesk software functionality, support is increased, communication with end users is improved and call management becomes more efficient.

Numara Track-It! is the complete support tool-kit that provides practical answers to IT support situations. It delivers an out-of-the-box, best practice helpdesk solution that is both affordable and incredibly functional. It comes complete with integrated functionality for helpdesk, IT asset management, purchasing, training, software licensing, reporting and a graphical management dashboard.

The Numara Track-It! range is the complete support tool-kit that provides practical answers to IT support situations:

  • How can I easily manage every call and request for support in a logical and prioritised fashion?
  • How can I account for every piece of IT equipment and understand what software licenses we hold?
  • How can I ensure desktop standards are maintained without becoming a policy burden to IT support?
  • How can I increase critical network devices up-time and availability to the company?

Imagine auditing the software and hardware of all your networked computers from the comfort of your desk then putting that information to work immediately; moving effortlessly between your users? help desk work orders, their asset data and the solutions database to resolve their problems in record time. With Numara Track-It! you can do this easily ? and you won?t pay a premium for it.

Enhance your Track-It! system to meet your needs
And if that?s not enough, you can also expand your Track-It! system with centralised tools for patch management, software deployment, remote control and bar-coding.?

?For more information, please visit?http://www.numarasoftware.asia/